Embrace Ecstatic Living through

Stellar Embodiment

Access Your Soul’s Deepest Wisdom
& Embody Your Joyful Radiance!

Are you joyfully connected to your divinity?

Are you seeking unity, tribe, and a feeling of “BE-longing”? Are you feeling exhausted from a lack of connection from yourself and others in your life? If you are wondering where your childlike joy has gone, it is time to return to the roaring laughter, authentic smiles, and consistent inspiration that is your birthright.

Tapping into your soul’s wisdom doesn’t have to be a hard and arduous process; The empowerment process of living ecstatically can be easy, fun & playful!

When your BEing is honored as equally as DOing, this is a moment of Stellar Embodiment–when you are connected deeply with SOURCE and can RE-source your divine inheritance, RE-member your soul’s wisdom and follow your inner guidance, you will embody your deepest radiance and experience ecstasy.

Meet your intuitive guide
& oracle,
Stara Luz

Stara Luz is a radiant voice for unconditional love, Divine Union and ecstatic living. She is lit up through the exploration and transmission of light language and Divine Masculine & Feminine energies. 

Stara is a community leader supporting women and men to find their deepest inner truth so they can live in ecstasy and thrive through a strong sense of knowing how to internally resource divinity and access their souls deepest wisdom within. 

She advocates for those who have lost their identity in the cultural mainstream and holds space for the “permissioning” needed for her clients to pursue a unique path of self-actualization, even in the face of others telling them they’re crazy for paving their own way.

Stara is a celestial shaman, intuitive and light language channel providing “breakthrough” sessions (play dates) and guidance from her life of developing knowledge and wisdom for creatively embracing the most abundant and ecstatic life possible. She draws her support from the Divine loving field of intelligence, ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, yoga and her soul’s wisdom of lifetimes. Are you ready to play?!

Access your soul’s wisdom
in-person or virtually


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Get back to shining the genuine light of your heart and accessing the deep wisdom of your soul so you can attract the opportunities, community and soulmates that will light you up!

Unleash your radiant divine spark

Effortlessly transform limitations and burdens into wisdom & joy

During your “Play Date” (session) with Stara you will dive deeply into the messages that your body and soul are ready to share with you. 

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain, body aches or emotional ups and downs, your body and soul are talking to you. These “messages” are often the soul’s most effective way of communicating with us, and they certainly do get our attention, right? 

As you tap into these messages with deeper awareness, with Stara’s support, you access the Divine Field, and communication pours forth. 

Oftentimes, clients liberate bound energy in the chakras, clear past-life trauma in order to access ancient soul wisdom, receive Light Code Transmissions for DNA upgrades and release lineage/ancestral blocks and old commitments for more ecstatic living. 

Each session is guided by your higher self, your guides and the field of Divine Intelligence, thus it is always unique and always exactly what your soul is asking for. Stara’s playful approach ensures that regardless of what energy is liberated during the session, it will happen joyfully with ease and grace. It is safe to remember your soul’s wisdom and ecstatic nature. Spiritual transformation doesn’t have to be hard! 

Hear what clients are saying about their play dates:

Stellar Embodiment explained

The ancient Egyptians painted the ceilings of their temples and sacred spaces with golden five-pointed stars which represented the human embodiment. These stars reminded them that we are stars descended to Earth having a human experience of remembering that we are stars ascending back to the heavens. 

Five-pointed stars symbolize our descension and ascension journey, the polarity of being united with the Divine and feeling separate from the Divine simultaneously. 

As we embody our stellar nature and remember that we are the Divine embodied, we align more deeply with our soul’s infinite nature and cumulative wisdom. In this process, it is if we find our wings again, able to soar between Heaven and Earth and live ecstatically in Heaven ON Earth. 

Stara has experienced the deep peace, joy and ecstasy that comes with the remembrance of her soul’s wisdom and resourcing of her Divine inheritance. It is her deepest desire to share this experience of Stellar Embodiment with the souls who are ready to receive it. 

Is it time to begin the journey back to your stellar nature and experience Stellar Embodiment?

The beauty and quantum magick of Light Language

Stara began channeling light language (picture above) in the summer of 2018. As these codes began to flow into her life through the spoken, signed and written channels, she felt a deep shift in her cellular structure like ancient wisdom had begun to more deeply anchor into her body. From this place, Stara began to share the codes with others and was amazed at the impact the Light Language was creating.

Light Language, or Light Code, is a multidimensional frequency of love and support that is all around us here on Earth. Light Codes are like radio waves floating around us all the time, but until we access the tools and knowing that we can “tune in,” we don’t hear it. These frequencies contain sound, color, symbols and more. They deeply activate our DNA for remembering our Stellar Embodiment.

Stara uses Light Language as a tool during her Play Dates to support her clients to anchor deep energetic shifts and releases, attune their chakra centers to a more harmonious vibration and activate DNA upgrades. She also works with Light Codes in her art as she creates beautifully carved selenite crystal tools, personalized channeled canvases, sacred sites photographs with light transmissions and custom made essential oil blends for ascension, all of which are available in her Etsy Toy Box.

As more souls are becoming curious about Light Language, Stara has created an activation course for those who want to activate their access to light codes within themselves. Once someone has taken the Light Language Activation Course they are invited to join the Light Language Luminaries Play Group which meets monthly to strengthen their connection in working with Light Language and anchoring it in our world. 

Discover more about Light Language by downloading Stara’s free Heart Chakra Activation and Guided Meditation in the next section. 

Free Guided meditation with Light Language codes

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